The Mobile Web

Published: June 12, 2010. By: ramm

There are about 150 million smartphones sold worldwide every year, with a grand total of 1100 million cellphones the stats say. Smartphone makers keep the competition strong, trying to get the potential users to buy their product instead of the...



Scarecrow websites

Published: December 03, 2009. By: Randy

More times than once or twice when browsing website, I have found them to be very confusing. I can be reading along trying to follow the cues in a website to order something, and get totally lost. Sometimes I have surfed a page to try and find...



Improving techniques

Published: May 04, 2009. By: ramm

For some time now, I have been finding out and learning how the different tools made by Google are working to improve the performance of websites. For example, results on web search and the well known “PageRank” that everyone wants. There...



Starting to grow

Published: March 04, 2009. By: ramm

20 days since we published this website it has already begun to be recognized. The  Dessigual menu design has been featured in, and was also published in the css gallery site css count. We'd like to thank the administrators of...



Dessigual - the latest technology in web design

Published: February 18, 2009. By: Randy

Welcome! Dessigual only uses the latest technology in web design. We strive to make our customers happy. We make websites for many organizations and we are very passionate about how our work is viewed by our customers and competitors alike. We want...