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Published: June 12, 2010. By: ramm

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There are about 150 million smartphones sold worldwide every year, with a grand total of 1100 million cellphones the stats say.

Smartphone makers keep the competition strong, trying to get the potential users to buy their product instead of the other brands. Apple announces its new iPhone 4, with remarkable hardware and improved system. HTC and Google are fighting to make their operating system, Android the best around. Blackberry is still huge as always, they are making mobile technology grow faster than ever.

With the growing demands for mobile internet, service providers have been forced to find ways to satisfy their customers, developing better and cheaper data plans, and faster connections. They had to get better for their subscribers.

The combinations of better devices, better data plans, cheaper service, more functions, with thousands of mobile applications available, result in an amazing flow of information. Perhaps not the creation of new content or products, but its massive consumption. This is important for those who have information to offer or products to sell.

Selling on the go

Reading the news from an RSS channel, to buying a TV on and waiting for it to come home, to paying the bills with online banking, these have been common activities for a long time. Now we go further with communication becoming almost exclusively an online matter, even replacing the plain old phone call.

Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, were tools meant to share information in a social way and for people "to be connected". Now they have become a huge commercial platform, where advertisers take advantage of interaction to connect with the needs and desires of their consumers knowing what they want, what they dream about, and what they are. Advertisers know that because those consumers told them everything they wanted to know in that Tweet, or when they clicked the Like button on that page.

These new devices brought that advertising platform to the consumer's pockets. Now it is at their fingertips, and inside their own ears. It is our chance as service providers, to give our clients the ability to take part.

It's our duty to help our clients give their users what they need and what they want in their daily lives. That's what we need to be working on.


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