Dessigual en_EN Dessigual <![CDATA[ The Mobile Web ]]> Sat, 12 Jun 2010 12:26:14 -0430 ramm There are about 150 million smartphones sold worldwide every year, with a grand total of 1100 million cellphones the stats say.

Smartphone makers keep the competition strong, trying to get the potential users to buy their product instead of the other brands. Apple announces its new iPhone 4, with remarkable hardware and improved system. HTC and Google are fighting to make their operating system, Android the best around. Blackberry is still huge as always, they are making mobile technology grow faster than ever.

With the growing demands for mobile internet, service providers have been forced to find ways to satisfy their customers, developing better and cheaper data plans, and faster connections. They had to get better for their subscribers.

The combinations of better devices, better data plans, cheaper service, more functions, with thousands of mobile applications available, result in an amazing flow of information. Perhaps not the creation of new content or products, but its massive consumption. This is important for those who have information to offer or products to sell.

Selling on the go

Reading the news from an RSS channel, to buying a TV on and waiting for it to come home, to paying the bills with online banking, these have been common activities for a long time. Now we go further with communication becoming almost exclusively an online matter, even replacing the plain old phone call.

Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, were tools meant to share information in a social way and for people "to be connected". Now they have become a huge commercial platform, where advertisers take advantage of interaction to connect with the needs and desires of their consumers knowing what they want, what they dream about, and what they are. Advertisers know that because those consumers told them everything they wanted to know in that Tweet, or when they clicked the Like button on that page.

These new devices brought that advertising platform to the consumer's pockets. Now it is at their fingertips, and inside their own ears. It is our chance as service providers, to give our clients the ability to take part.

It's our duty to help our clients give their users what they need and what they want in their daily lives. That's what we need to be working on.


<![CDATA[ Scarecrow websites ]]> Thu, 03 Dec 2009 19:07:00 -0430 Randy More times than once or twice when browsing website, I have found them to be very confusing. I can be reading along trying to follow the cues in a website to order something, and get totally lost.

Sometimes I have surfed a page to try and find something that is advertised on sale and there’s no button or shortcut to that sale. I don't understand what the company is trying to communicate with that.

Are they trying to make me look at every single thing on the page to get me to the one item that I want?

Wouldn't it be much easier to let the user go straight to the item they are looking for to buy it?

Click Me!

If you want them to buy something else I'm sure the customer will search for other items in the website. I wish they would make these buying websites easier to navigate.

I wonder what I could say to a designer to make him understand that It would be much nicer to get through a website without starting over again and again.

I've gone to a website and become very frustrated with it, trying to attempt an online form as many as 3 times to get all the information that they are asking for correct. Sometimes the mistake can be so minute that it takes a magnifying glass to find it, and even take me to a totally blank form to start over.

Sometimes I just say I'll go somewhere else to get this... I don't have time to fight with this right now. This company pretty much just lost a sale.

Sometimes I have gone to a website that is just too involved to navigate. I have even clicked on something that has taken me totally off the beaten path and left me wondering what the hell am I going to have to do to find what I'm looking for.

Most people that are shopping online are doing it for a reason. They don't want the hassle of having to stand in lines, or dealing with people. I think it should be easier to shop online. I don't want to go to a website and be hassled with stupid questions, or having to navigate a whole website just to get a good deal on an ad in the front page. I want to be able to get in and get out.

Keyword: Convenience!

Remember, the whole purpose of buying online is just that. Not a big hassle to get data entered into a form, or searching a whole site for one thing. It can be maddening.

Designers and Companies! Think about the user that is not computer friendly, Not computer experts that can whiz through any website nightmare!

<![CDATA[ Improving techniques ]]> Mon, 04 May 2009 12:12:00 -0430 ramm For some time now, I have been finding out and learning how the different tools made by Google are working to improve the performance of websites. For example, results on web search and the well known “PageRank” that everyone wants. There are also many tools that will help us to develop better user interfaces and improvement of user experiences as well.

There are many interesting tools in Google, like Google Analytics, it lets us keep a detailed report full of information about the way a website is being used. I can check the visits daily, monthly, and even yearly. I see where they are coming from, which areas of the website my visitors viewed, how long they stayed, and also I am able to see the last page they viewed in the web site. I think it’s a pretty nice report for those of us who really want to know about our users interests in a website.

Google also has Google Webmaster Tools. This is a set of tools used to understand how to enhance performance, PageRank, and everything you may need to develop a better website. On the other hand, there are Google Ads (AdWords). I’ve been working on AdWords very recently and I’m in the process of looking at a specific case, although I have already worked with this before with good results.

The knowledge of all these tools will allow a better advantage of the available internet resources. We can transfer all knowledge to our clients making the websites better for them.

I’ll be posting the results of the information I have been learning in the next entries.

<![CDATA[ Starting to grow ]]> Wed, 04 Mar 2009 09:09:00 -0430 ramm 20 days since we published this website it has already begun to be recognized. The  Dessigual menu design has been featured in, and was also published in the css gallery site css count.

We'd like to thank the administrators of those galleries for adding us to their lists. Obviously, it's great to know that our work is being recognized by  outstanding publications.

Menu Grid The Dessigual design is based on a very tight grid layout. Although it has three columns, the content uses only one, this is a very different layout  these days, when everything is so large and full of information. Three or four column layouts are usually chosen instead of just one. Our menu design goes a little beyond the grid. It passes the margin between it's own column and the column to the left (within the limits of the grid). The menu uses images for background and text, it's very simple and straight to the point.

We are still working on the simple details of this design and will continue to grow building the Dessigual brand through this website, so it's very important for us to know that our clients are able to see the quality in our work. What better way to show that  example than in our own website?

<![CDATA[ Dessigual - the latest technology in web design ]]> Wed, 18 Feb 2009 21:09:00 -0430 Randy Welcome!

DessigualDessigual only uses the latest technology in web design. We strive to make our customers happy. We make websites for many organizations and we are very passionate about how our work is viewed by our customers and competitors alike. We want to make sure that customer satisfaction is the number one priority. Please take the time to browse every page, you won’t be disappointed! Thanks for your patronage.

The Dessigual staff.

The Team

Ramm, Silence and the rest of the team, are very dedicated and want to make our services the best on the internet. They have worked very hard to master all the modern and trendy designs to make your website outstanding from the rest.

Other contributors to Dessigual

We’d like to take this time now to thank all of our team members and give them recognition for all their hard work with us. Reyner, NeoJP, Freddie, Maikel, Rafael, Ronald, Jorge and Randy. Without our team this dream couldn’t happen. Thank you all for your ideas and hard work.